Sunday, January 10, 2010

In the beginning….


If ever an award be given for the noobiest noob, I would be high on the list. I am always amazed that so many Avies started with help of any kind, walking away on the first day with new skins and clothes… My first day in SL started like this. Download client, make account (this is May and things are going well so far..) Arrive on Orientation  Island…wow a Segway…try to change my appearance, make myself 8 feet tall add weird textures and a hilarious hairstyle (didn’t know you could get clothes, hair etc..)then crash and realize my puter could not handle the graphics. Attempt # 2 September (new puter)… Log in and notice my 8 foot tall ugly clothes, try to look better, do a tutorial…hey I’ll click on this…realize I’m sitting in Linden land next to a Balloon Tour (it takes me 3 days to figure out how to do the tour…). At this point I couldn’t get back to Orientation Island so I went to help Island…someone gives me hair and a lot of landmarks (thanks to that mentor of long ago..). I then proceed to hit every single freebie place on my list and I end up with 3K of junk. During this time I am bumping into the oddest assortment of noobs, greifers, naked penisis and people getting dressed etc. (I take an instant dislike to an Avie with moustache, glasses and yellow sweater…different guys but same idiot..) I am dressing on top of buildings and mountains and starting to explore. I made this Elf/Hobbit because I wanted to be left alone to explore and not have offers of Cybering every 5 minutes. It worked!!

Shelby in the sky_008b

By this point I was discovering good places to shop, Hair Artilleri, Skin Gala and clothes Torridwear. My pictures though consist mainly of me sitting, flying…no poses or AO. One of my consistencies throughout my stay in SL has been the fact that my look changes constantly. I was a Dragon for a short while, an Elf for longer and though I have a default shape and I tend towards blond… I tweak and change and tweak and change. I remember at this point in SL I thought one day I’d find the perfect skin, hair and clothes and then I’d be able to settle down and build or just socialize. But that never happened because after buying land, I started blogging and that has been my focus since. Most of my early hairs and skins are gone, lost in an inventory meltdown (not sure if it was me or SL) last winter. I deleted all my early clothes, except for the little Elf/Hobbit. My Avie is the original one I started out with, I always figured I put her through too much to abandon her.I started blogging in much the same way as the rest of my my SL experience, with no knowledge but a willingness to learn. Thank you for bearing with me.


Credits: Pic1 – Panache Hair, freebies, skin is listed as Eric Linden. Pic2- Hair Artilleri, Skin Gala, Clothes Torridwear with a few freebies. (I didn't know how to take pics then this is a recreation..) Pic3- skin[Atomic] Grace (cream) daring Black, , Kookie Athena (black),Lamb Witch (Granny), Violet Voltaire Christmas Silver Bells (Old), Outfit Bliss Couture Queen Fairy Coat (black) Pic taken in December. (This follows a meme started by Sophia Harlow.)


Chalice Carling said... that's what I call an amazing transformation. From cute to chic as chic can be.

Shelby Rasmuson said...

I admire those who started out pretty chic at the beginning, I always do things the hard way....but then I can laugh at it now!