Friday, January 1, 2010

Du3 – The Starlet, the Gypsy and the Child Star…

CHARACTERS: The Starlet, Gladys O’Hara ………..Alias “The Moll” Tough as nails and willing to do anything to get where she wants.   The Gypsy, Gertie Dolittle……… Girl from wrong side of the tracks (with heart of gold),  The Child Star ………. Alice Sourpuss, (a little long in the tooth). Detective Jack Blackwood …. always gets his man (or in this case woman).
SCENE: Kowloon, evening, streets are dangerous but one had to make do when no chaperone is to be found. Cool and dingy, an air of malfeasance hangs like a dirty cigar…
DISCOVERED: Body of Mobster, Mr. Big and Tall, found grasping a torn laundry stub with 3 names scrawled in a spidery hand. Multiple stab wounds, carrying an unused loaded colt 45. A look of extreme surprise plays across his features.
SCENE: Gladys O’Hara’s Dressing Room.
Jack Blackwood: So Gladys, it is a well known fact that you were the girlfriend of said victim. Can you tell me where you were last night? (Pulls out notebook and stubby pencil.)
Gladys: I was performing, then in my dressing room, then I turned in at my Hotel. Ask Alice and Gertie, we shared a room.
Jack Blackwood (takes note of events with a shake of the head.): I wouldn’t leave town if I were you.
Gladys: I am the headliner for a Vaudeville show, I can’t sit in a room and wait, you know where to find me anyways, my schedule is well known. (Lights cigarette and blows smoke into Detectives eyes. Gets close and wraps her arm around his waist.) I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement….

SCENE: Dingy Bar smelling of latent Beer and Whiskey.
Jack Blackwood: So Gertie, I understand you were once a Companion to said Victim?
Gertie: We were lovers, yes. Rat!!! I’m glad he’s gone if you ask me, sewer rats have more class than he had!! But I didn’t kill him, he deserved much worse than he got if you ask me!!!
Jack: Where were you last night around midnight? (Expecting the answer she inevitably gave…).
Gertie: You look extremely tense, have a whiskey and I can rid you of all that tension…. (Two figures seen leaving Bar an hour later…)
It must be noted that by this point Jack Blackwood can see how the whole thing is going and decides to look the other way. After all said victim had a lot of enemies and was known to police…in more ways than one, if you get my drift. Lets just say he had been getting away with murder for more years than Jack can remember…..Jack chuckles (I always get my Man!!)
SCENE: Small hotel room in a sad part of town. Jack arrives to find Alice sitting confused and disoriented, tears streaming down her cheeks, next to a steamer trunk. He helps her up and dries her tears. Takes note of similarity in features to said Victim.
Jack: So Alice, You seem sad… Did you know said Victim at all?
Alice: (snuffling and blowing her nose) No, I did not. Why did you think I knew (honking and coughing..)
Jack: Your name was on a laundry stub found at the scene… Where were you last night? (knowing the answer she would give…)
Alice at this point loses it completely and Jack must do what he can to calm her down, noting later that his report is lacking in coherence, and though he has been quite busy…has little to show for his efforts.

CONCLUSION: The man formerly known as Mr. Big and Tall, was the unfortunate victim of a mob hit and although great (ok no..) effort has been spent searching for his killer, no likely suspects can be found. Within a week Kowloon has a new kingpin and regardless of this Detective Jack Blackwood has been promoted to Chief Detective in charge of Mob activities. His co workers are quite envious of his new car. Passengers on the Queen Mary, Ocean liner bound for London, are delighted to note the appearance of three beautiful Ladies in one of the luxury cabins. There are whispers that they are former Russian Royalty…….(Music plays God Save the queen as curtain closes.) THE END.
Pic1&2-Skin Laqroki Glow Elin Fair(sale) and Cleavage enhancer*, Eyes Exodi Zbilja (crystal blue)**, Eyelashes Magika***, Skirt OhMai Mildrid (DU3), Hair Pearls Waffles Pearls and Bows (DU3), Hair Lelutka SAAB (platinum), Couverture Vaudvillian Fur Bolero (pink) (DU3), Dark Mouse Simple pearl Earring, Necklace Stacked Bracelet {R}, Anexx Vaudevillian Shoes (DU3), mijn.t (Je M’appelle Marlene) pale (DU3). Poses Glitterati.
Pic3&4-Laqroki Elin 12*, Eyes Exodi**, Eyelashes Magika***, Hair EMO-tions CRISS (blackened), Boots Bax Coen (LE.Look), Nails Candy Nail (LE.LOOK), Dress RunoRuno 5 Minutes to Curtain (note: this was a difficult dress to fit the prims) (DU3). Poses Glitterati.
Pic5&6-Skin Fashionably Dead Bird Skin (heavy brow), ( lashes*** same), Eyes Den Dou Emerald, Oyakin Vaudeville dress2, Shoes GField Platform Rosette (red)(sale), Jewellery epoque [mpb] Biologically Delicate (pomegranate passion) {R}, Gloves League (LE.Look), Hair Detour StormC(cream), Corsage DP YumYum (part of rosepetal dress). Poses by me. Designers United 3 is here.

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