Monday, October 27, 2008

Shelby in Harajukubox City, and Neko stuff...Week 6

I have always been a big fan of the Japanese sims. I love the overall design, immersive feel (ie. like you are there.. in a real place) as well I love the different way that Japanese Designers see fashion, and reflect culture and influence this world and the RL world. Neko fashion is unusual because it really doesn't have any counterpart in the real world. It is something of a SL phenomenon stemming from Manga and Anime colliding with streetwear and an urban punk sensibility.
I have always resisted its charms mainly because it is so accessory driven and needs all the right elements to make it work. Today I decided to show you the look I came up with before touring Harajukubox City, a Japanese Neko and Streetwear Shopping Sim. Items came from various old and new Items from my inventory.

This Sim has everything for your little Neko; Accessories, Boots (or feet), Tails, Hair, Skins, clothes and there was quite a variety for the male Neko as well. I bought a hair from Androgeny which I was able to tint slightly to match the Kitty parts I had bought from the Sn@tch sale which is going on right now. Stores in HC include; Little Heaven, Kyoot, Electro Kitty, Androgeny, Canimal, Eat Rice and Neko Gear. There are also some Anime and Japanese Schoolgirl looks in Edelweiss and some of the other shops which are in the area.

Pic1- Hair from Androgeny,[-A-]Halibel (tipped white/black), Cake-Vancouver Jeans, Sn@tch Crazy little belt, Sn@tch Kitteh parts Tabby, Sn@tch the Crewel Collar (shiny), Flower printed shirt, Striped Knitted Sweater, grey gloves - Dutch Touch, ToRiCo armband, Discord, bottle Arm Belt - Group Gift, Catnip -Catfight Thigh Strap - Dollarbie (some of these items may not still be available). Skin from LF Chai Skin-Sugar-Leopard, Eyes redgrave-Diamand blue.2

Pic2- Hair -Curio, Seelie Midnight. (rest the same) All Pose from LAP.

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