Thursday, December 17, 2009

Party Jewellery…DM Designs Review

Jewellery is a small but such an integral part of every outfit that it’s easy to miss the intricacies and workmanship that goes into each piece. When DarionMonkee Levitt, of DM Designs sent along some new Christmas themed items for review I was initially a little intimidated, considering that I usually shoot full length pictures. I knew I couldn’t take that approach but I love a challenge and an opportunity to learn from experience.


What I like about the Eleni Collection (below) is the fact that though the colours say Christmas and Hanukkah, the jewellery could work any time of the year. So many of the Christmas offerings can only be worn around the season and these will match a lot of outfits. Colours are for Hanukkah – Blue&White in silver or gold, and Christmas Red&Green, Red, Green &White in silver or gold.


I shot these pictures in The Rose Theater, Angel Manor and in the store, Kaya Furniture, which has a lot of big manor House, castle type of furniture, very sturdy and substantial chairs. The dress is by SySy, Lolla with the blue adding a regal touch. And yes you noticed, I couldn’t resist buying a Curio Elf skin (snug), shoes by A-Bomb were a Twisted Krissmas sale item (100L) a great price for a colour change shoe. I’d also like to mention the Prim Lashes by Magika. These are the only lashes I can get to fit me … (And I have tried a lot.) The CiCi earrings and Diamond Fringe earrings (below) come in various styles and metals. They are quite lovely to look at and will add a nice touch to any outfit.


Credits: Skin Curio (petal) Snug, Lashes Magika Reall Prim Eyelashes, Eyes Exodi Zbilja Spirit (teal) group gift, Hair Cake Papercut (pecan), Dress SySy Lolla (250L) {R}, Shoes A-Bomb Dorothy Gemmed (Twisted Krissmas), All Jewellery DM Designs Eleni (Christmas and Hanukkah) Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Belly Ring (149L) , Earrings CiCi (3 styles, 2 metals) (99L), Diamond Fringe Earrings (3 Metals) (99L) {R}.

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