Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a little fun …..

Christmas is such a busy time I thought I’d have a little fun with snow and lingerie… I am home for today and will be gone tomorrow so I thought I’d post a few pics that I was fooling around with last week. I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and got some time to relax. I am going to be driving for six hours to visit the Griswalds for a few days ….


The flyer from Reek comes with snow and a pose, and was part of a 50L friday. Both pics feature PXL July (Natural Nude) skin, Lingerie Fishy Strawberry Ignition (green), Boots Kao Fringe Suede (camel), Hair&Hat Tiny Bird&Reek Merrits Hat (50L Fri), Scarf Artilleri Taylor (brown/tea). Below Hair Cake Dakota (burgundy). I will be posting SLURLS again when I am back from the Holidays..


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