Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Plastik…Review (Or how I got my Burdy NumNums!!)

This is me if I were a band …. Ok well maybe the band-aids would be a little risque… Unfortunately I can’t sing, play an instrument or dance, so this is as close as I’ll ever come to releasing a CD. (Which no one buys anymore anyway so there!) The Plastik has released some new and very yummy Skirt/Dress/Outfits with Band-Aids. Available in 25 different colour/textures and including a set of Band-Aids in each pack (6 colours). 249L.


This is where the Burdy NumNums come in. The Plastik has also released a very cute set of Elf Ears, which come with little Burdy’s that are texture change. 299L in either Burdy’s or Burdy’s with gems. If the Burdy’s start whispering in your ear … just listen and do exactly what they say!! (They told me to go out and buy those boots from Kao..)


Credits: All Eyes Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy Eyes (Free), All Outfits The Plastik {R} Plastik Strips Dress (with Band Aids) Periwinkle, Leather, Wave, Japan. All Skins Fishy Strawberry Jacqueline Latte (Hiver), Lan Cappuccino (Pitch), Daphne Cappuccino (Pitch).

Pic1 - Hair – Kin Lola (Blond), Truth Grace (swedish), *FS* Ponytail Dark, Truth Cyndi (blood). Jewellery – Miel Lun Set (50L Fri), Otaku Designs Ghost Fatpack (Sale), Donna Flora Daniel Corale Parure (Sale), SWA Asian Bangles 50L {R}, Dark Mouse Bank’s Closed Necklace 200L {R}. Tatts Burdy’s and Feathers The Plastik (50L Fri), Ears The Plastik Burdy’s and Gems {R}.
Pic2 – Hair Fashionably Dead (Tableau closed at the moment because of contamination..) Dorothy’s day (cream filling), Ears The Plastik Burdy’s and Gems {R}, Boots Kao Suede fringe Boots (camel).
The PLastik is Here.

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