Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Bliss Couture ….Review.

What heaven-entreated heart is this, Stands trembling at the gate of bliss, Holds fast the door, yet dares not venture Fairly to open it, and enter? -Crashaw, Richard
  'To the Noblest and Best of Ladies, the Countess of Denbigh'.


I have had the sincere pleasure this week of looking upon and dressing in the garments of a very talented Designer, Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture. Each of these outfits were lovely in their own way and adorned thus I found myself in some very beautiful settings. And I finally took a turn around the 2009 Footwear expo, with the express desire to find shoes for my outfits. This gown, Megan comes in 6 colours @ 580L. (All outfits are available as a fat pack.) Shot @ Angel Ballroom.


Queen Fairy Coat (black) 545L comes in 6 colours and matched wonderfully with the new hair from Lamb and boots from Kookie. Shot @ Angel Blue Sky which is a great spot for winter/Christmas Photos.


I love the shade of this sweater/pant combo, Chocolate … Ophelia, 380L and I had fun on the Brooklyn Bridge (Have I got a bridge for youuu!) in Old New York.


This Mini has been blogged a lot lately and for good reason, great texturing, style and hairiness! Posh Mohair Mini (snow) is 480L and comes with the leggings. The hair from is Mirai Style, Stat (blond&pearl) and seems to follow the same philosophy of curliness. Pics shot @ Kolor Gallery which basically is one huge Art exhibit.



Skins –[PXL] July Nat Spring pink {R}, [Atomic] Grace (cream) daring Black, Fior di Perle Claudia Skin Black red Lips {R}, League Skin Kate (pale) grape.
Shoes – G. Field Ribbon Slingback Shoes (baby pink), Kookie Athena (black), Baiastice Querelle (brown), CoCo Zipper Bootie (black).
Hair – Exile Monica (champagne){R}, Lamb Witch (Granny), Boon ZGO223 (Blond), Mirai Style Stat (blond).
Jewellery -  Foxchase Designs Pearl Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets (freebie from Jewellery fair), Violet Voltaire Christmas Silver Bells (Old), Eolande’s Butterfly Charmer Belly Ring&Earrings {R}, Dark Mouse Twisted Bangle (silver) {R}.

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