Saturday, December 12, 2009

Casual Mashup…

I spend far too much time in SL shopping in clothes that are a mix of things I am blogging, testing out, demo’ing and generally these things don’t even match. This became pretty apparent to me when I showed up at the opening of Trilogy Sim and saw some of the rather better decked out bloggers, designers and shoppers. It didn’t matter that no one was rezzing .. or that the lag was horrendous, and put me in mind of my younger days when I would stress myself out because I hung with a crowd that was “cool” and I never felt that way myself. This outfit follows my taste when I’m not blogging or taking pictures and just hanging out.


With all of the Christmas palaver going on, I thought it would be nice to show you some clothes that aren’t overtly seasonal. Pictures were taken in Trilogy Sim which has items from a number of designers that are exclusive to the sim, for a limited time. The theme is “The Woodcutters Daughter” which means whatever you want it to mean… The dress is from Milk Motion (from Trilogy) and I paired it with some of my favourite comfy pieces, jeans from Zaara and boots from ROT. The skin is a 50L Friday offering from Chai called L.Fauna which I am liking very much. Tatts I got from Artilleri, as part of the sale and the glasses were a gift from fabulous fashion (designer gifts from the show..) The hair is new from Hal*Hina. Newer styles are using brand new textures which give a better quality to the hair and there is a sweet dress in the camping chair for group members.


Credits: Skin – L.Fauna {lapine, pale} {R}, Eyes – Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy (f) , Outfit Milk Motion My Plaid Dress, Tattoos Artilleri Old School, Earrings Alienbear NX Dark earring (gift), Boots ROT Test , Glasses Solar Nash (ff), Jeans Zaara classic (blue), Hair Hal*Hina tina (cafe au lait).
Pics shot @ Trilogy.


Nikkita Auerbauch said...

I love this look! And you are right-- the textures on that hair are fab. *runs off with Lindens in hand to snag some*

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thanks! I tend to try everything in SL, but this is close to my RL taste..