Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Mrs. Claus is Emo…

Christmas is not for procrastinators. Christmas is for those who love to plan. The Martha Stewarts of the world. Oh you know the type… Shopping is done by November, cards sent out. The Tree is up well before December with lights put up on the last warm day. The Christmas baking is begun and decorating is well ..beautiful. These wonderful people are singing and dancing through the season. It is their favourite time of year. And then there’s the rest of us.


We do our best we really do, but somehow we leave everything to the last minute not thinking (and we do this every year) that everything is going to accumulate into one big pile of things we have to do right before the big day. (Something like my Inventory which by now has grown appendages and smells like cheese!) My Cards are always late (that’s a given), decorations still waiting to be put up. And lights (Ha!!) I’ve given up on the ones you put outside and go for the easy inside, attach to the window ones. I made a half hearted attempt at presents in November but still have lots to do. (Add to that 2 Birthdays).I am lucky that my Hubby always buys the big stuff for the kids (he buys too much..) So add to that the financial, personal (because who has a family where everyone gets along?) and a big dose of office parties (one guaranteed fight) and those of us who are not organized start to grumble, moan and sound like the Grinch.


Somehow, along the way, everything gets done. Christmas is a one of many December Holidays and an important part of Christian (as well as pre-Christian) Tradition. I love going to Mass at Christmas, the traditional carols, walking through the snow on Christmas day, listening to the silence born of no commerce (except for those souls travelling or visiting). And yes, in the end it brings some light to an approaching winter, which in my part of the world is brutal to say the least. I have often thought how different it must be if you live in Australia, more like a summer holiday or Mexico. And for those of different cultures who must live through the madness every year, you must think we’re insane. I am posting this early, because I know how busy we all are going to get soon. Blogging is going to be sporadic at best after this week, as I like so many others will be travelling. So today I’m making my list..things I simply have to do and can’t put off. It’s a start!


A note about the clothes. I was looking for a slightly politically incorrect Seasonal outfit. Found the Dress at Sn@tch, Boots, well you all know these boots, and I just had to have them (Anexx) and a few items sent to me for review. The leggings are new from the PlastiK come in many textures and come in varying lengths and the Necklace and Piercing are new from HoD. Aydan Darcy is going to be opening her new store .HoD., this week. Her items are also available on Xstreet. (I will let you all know when the store is open as there are some really cute items for sale here). I’ll also mention a very popular skin by Curio (which looks like you’ve been out in the cold) and new hair by Analog Dog, my current fave, I just love the colour. Binder by Reek.

Credits: Leggings – The Plastik 199L (for 2 textures in varying lengths) {R}, Necklace&Piercing – HoD Spite Necklace wth Bows {R} Spite necklace Fatpack with piercing 249L(piercing alone is 99L but you get that in the fatpack), Dress - Sn@tch Expose Dress (red) 200L, Boots – Anexx 2 way belt lace up boots 580L, Eyes – Poetic Colours Christmas Fairy (f), Skin Curio Petal Frex Winter Sniffles 1000L , Hair – Analog Dog Kelly Copper 350L (darks).


Akelei Schnyder said...

OMG! you have just described my RL best friend, she is a Martha in Latin version! ... her xmas tree is ready set up since NOV!!!! i was shock out when i saw it ... and all the presents are already bought T_T

amazing ... (worse is when you look the tree and is full of disney figures >.< )

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Yes I know lot of "those" people too!!! :)