Monday, February 15, 2010

Trubble in London

I have been to a number of weddings over the years and while the bride and groom have changed (and so often divorced), and the locations differ, certain things tend to bring about a distinctive sense of deja vu. There will always be a drunk relative who will think they are the worlds best dancer (oh you know who you are!!). There will be a person chosen to make a speech who thinks they are Jay Leno, but isn’t. The Bride will be stressed to the max about the party favours, the groom, seriously thinking of making a mad dash for freedom… and several groups of family and friends who don’t know each other only knowing one of the wedding party, and one or two guests no one knows. At our wedding we had my mother-in-law’s hairdresser!! There is one common denominator in all these events, including my own wedding and every other wedding I have ever been to….My feet.
My feet don’t like weddings. They don’t like high heels. In SL I can manage because soreness doesn’t come into the equation. But in RL my feet have problems. When there is any kind of event where high heels must be worn, I always bring a backup. Running shoes or flats I bring to wear in the car, in between the service and the reception (which is often a couple of hours spent at a house or a bar).
When I first saw this dress from Trubble it reminded me of the kind of dress I buy for an event like a wedding, simple, fun and great for dancing (ok maybe I’m that relative …) and these high tops remind me of just the kind of footwear I bring to put on after the formalities … I am not including those crippling shoes that I have shoved away in a box which if I wore them everyday would be responsible for bunions and an operation requiring me to stay off my feet for 3 months…
Credits: Skin 5th&Oxford Brooke Medium Nightfall1 {R}, Dress Trubble Erin (black) {R}, Shoes Duh! Women’s Sneaker Boots (black out), Hair Calico Inman Creations Angie Dirty Blond (burnt), Sweater Coco Cardigan Lace, Tatts HUZ Kanji Sweater, Legs, Earrings Creamshop Glam (black). Poses Glitterati poses. Pics shot @ Mayfair, London.

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