Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sand & Surf Co.

While walking through the I <3 Originals sim on Saturday, I realized that many of the designers were ones that I enjoy blogging. I thought it would be nice to give them all a little thank you this week by featuring some of their stuffs.


Emma Gilmour of Sand & Surf Co. probably epitomizes to me what is meant by an original. Her work is hand drawn and if ever you wondered what the difference between photo sourced and hand drawn is, then take a look at her jeans. They are just a superb rendering of textures, light and dark, with all the appearance of having been washed multiple times. Then get in close and you notice that everything is drawn by hand! This pose is from Glitterati, one of the second Headshot series.


I am featuring skins this week from 5th & Oxford, and though their stuffs aren’t in the fair, Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot’s skins have always been such an excellent example of skins that though hybrid, still rely on hand drawn quality.


Dark Mouse also has some new stuffs which are featured at the fair. The beach bag is full of detail and perfect for one who doesn’t pack light! The Jewellery set is very pretty, I love the blue-silver combination. And the belt is very well textured and fits over the hips (and I don’t change my shape for anything…face yes but shape no..). In light of a certain win I thought it would be nice to take a walk through N’Orleans. If I ever get there I would think this outfit perfect for strolling down Bourbon Street.


Credits: Outfit - Surf Couture Belmar Skinny jeans (washed out dots), Freedon flops (blue), Love Hoodie tank (white), Skin 5th & Oxford Brooke Tan Subtle6, Exodi LIM Naturale (look into my blue), Hair Simply Britnee Elizabeth (blonde) {R}, Dark Mouse Review Bag – Beach Bag (red), Je t’aime (silver blue-topaz) set, Metallic leather belt (silver). Shot @ Fat Tuesday, New Orleans by Gos. Poses Glitterati. I <3 originals Fair is here and runs until Feb.14th.


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

I love that Mouse makes all her textures. They can be so yummy.

Shelby Rasmuson said...

they're the clothes I would buy if I could in RL...