Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet me at the Numery mart…

Rockberry has a pretty new skin called Luan and I thought it would be cool to shoot some pics in a Japanese Sim. Neo Osaka fit the bill perfectly, it has so many interesting spots to visit, with a mix of business and pleasure….


Luan comes in 4 tones, light, natural tan and dark, with 6 make-ups and freckles available as a separate skin. Rockberry has some of the nicest freckles on the grid, and all skins have a cleavage option with the skin. Each skin is available for 450L (with light and dark eyebrows) or in a full pack of light (or dark eyebrows) for 1250L. Freckled skins are 300L per skin and 1250L for the 6 make-ups. I am also featuring some new items from Luck Inc. The sweater and super short skirt are available in lots of colours.


This vest is from Milk Motion. I love the furry appearance even though it is horribly difficult to shoot pictures of clothing with sculpties on the body.The pieces move every which way, and so many poses just do not work. Love soul is best known for the many prim nail styles but there are also some well designed hair styles to be had. Black colour in hair can lack texture but this one is well detailed and easy to see.


Credits: Skin Rockberry Luan {R}, Eyes Chai Allure(hazel,blue), Hair Love Soul 023A Black, Vest Milk Motion My Fur and Leather vest, Luck Inc. Linc Ruffled MiniSkirt, Shortsleeve Cashmere top 150L ea {R}. Pics shot @ neo Osaka.

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