Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I’ll have some Hucci with that!


Every now and then I like to drop into Fabulous fashion with Angie Mornington, on Mondays at 6SLT @ Northpoint Studios. Besides interviews, its nice to see a designers clothing on the model and hear something of their thoughts about their clothing and what they were trying to achieve with it. As well you can hear about their own experiences within SL and what drives their desire to create in a virtual world. Eboni Khan has been in SL since 2004, so she has some interesting things to say about her experiences. This dress really stood out for me as a really fine example of her work.


Being in the audience also has its perks, there usually is a gift of some sort for the audience and Eboni generously gave everybody a gift card for her store. This Necklace is one of her jewelery pieces and works really well with the Boho look I was trying to achieve.


I love anything that reminds me of the 60’s and this dress is very well designed with all the things I like in a dress, cleavage and versatility! The necklace is by Secret Serenity (Dearly Beloved Set) and works well with the ensemble. After putting together this look, I realized that the dress could be styled many ways, leather boots or net stockings, a belt or sweater would all look good.


Pics taken @ Triborough, New York, and Battery Park, NY. Treet TV is here, you can see older shows from Fabulous Fashion. You can see shows live @ Northpoint Studios.

Pic&2 –Dress by House of Hucci Wild side (pink leopard) Plush Jewellery set, Hair Simply Brittney Brit BDay (noche), Boots Kookie 50L Armarda, DC Dernier Cri leggings (lt Brown), Skin LFauna Lapine Pale1 (morphine), Maitreya Slouch socks (aubergine).
Pic3&4 – Dress by House of Hucci Warm Key Dress (camel), Eye Chai Allure(hazel), Jewellery Secret Serenity - Dearly Beloved Sapphire and Pearl Pendant and Earrings 100L, Shoes Digit Darkes Wicked Bow Heel, League Metallic Shine Leggings (night), Hair ILoveOlive LuLu (dk blonde), Skin LFauna Lapine pale2 (mulberry).

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