Friday, March 12, 2010

RFL Clothing Fair


Sometimes I dream that I’m falling through the sky. I keep falling and falling and I know that when I hit the bottom I will be gone. Before that happens I always wake up, or surprisingly I pick myself up and keep on. I used to think that Cancer happened to other people. People in my family had heart attacks, and I would look at those who were fighting Cancer with sympathy but not a lot of understanding. My ignorance protected me but didn’t let me see the truth. We are all touched by this disease, and if you haven’t yet had to deal with it you will one day.


I was privileged to get a sneak peak at this years Relay for Life Clothing Fair. I have not yet seen it all, and have only taken a quick look. A lot of love and care has gone into the SIM designs and the stores themselves. RFL is one of those movements which mirrors efforts in RL to raise money in RL for Cancer. Each designer, creator or builder has put a lot of volunteer hours into making the fair a success. Designers make clothing, of which 100% of the proceeds go to Cancer related organizations. The Sims are designed around real life places, and I have to say I was impressed by the detail and thought that went into the design. I will be popping in and out over the next few weeks and I hope that you will take some time to visit, buy some of the Donated clothing and remember that we can be empowered by the choices we make.

Credits: Pics shot @ RFL Clothing Fair. Fair runs from March 13 3pm(SL) until March 21. 9 Sims, 8 of which represent a different city. Worn (not from the fair)- Skin Tuli Eva (preview), Clothes The Plastik, Shoes HoC Swypes Advocado earrings, Trubble friendship bracelet, Hair Dark Mouse vanilla Bean. (I didn’t do
my usual SLURLS and details because I will be blogging these items in more detail.)


A note about Lag. We all hate it, and I was lucky today not to have to strip down because the Sims are fairly empty. When I come back I will be wearing my usual lag free stuff. Things which cause the most lag are scripted items, like hair (resize script) and Shoes (resize again) heck anything resize…AO’s, Colour change, Bling (which we love so much..) and radar. As well anything colour changing like jewellery, or shoes. Since everyone ends up as a grey mass anyway, it really doesn’t matter what you wear or look like. Lowering your graphics also helps as well as using a box to get around (it says building and rezzing not allowed but maybe they will rezz some boxes for use..).

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