Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the BareRose-Week 13

Part2 of the Bare Rose Challenge

There probably is no other store in SL which has such a sheer variety of Clothing styles at very affordable prices. I am showing some of the other outfits I purchased as a result of Winter Jefferson's B@R challenge. This store defies labelling because although I tend to buy the crazy Fantasy Costumes, the store also offers some lovely dresses, fall outfits and coats/sweaters. There is a large array of Winter/Christmas wear as well as hair and boots.

I have to admit the fact that, although I am mostly an Elf in SL, I like to wear a lot of Black. Black fits into most shooting situations, and is easy to accessorize. It's no surprise then that I fell in love with Kaara, a beautiful Gothic Lolita Dress with feathers. There are a few color options with it, like red piping on the top and it can be mixed and matched with other costumes. The Hair was from Jolie Femme and the shorter look matched perfectly. The Pics was shot in Silent Sparrow Sim.

The Second Outfit is a Paladin Knight Costume called Mystic Lady. I wore all white but I also received Blue, Black and Brown cloaks. The boots I bought at First Flower, and I have to say that white is not the most common colour in a boot. The Hair is from ::69:: and when shooting this pic getting the hair right was difficult. The clothes did come with short black hair. I think that this outfit will go well in some of the Elvish events I sometimes attend (as well as roleplay and Costume events). The Pic was shot in Winter at Fruit Islands.

Pic1-Skin-Redgrave/Moon/Black, Eyes-Redgrave/Gracia, Hair- Jolie Femme/Collette/Dark copper, Dress-B@R,Kaara, Boots-L&E/Eliabeth lace up ankle boots/coal.

Pic2 - Skin-Redgrave/Moon/Ice, Eyes-Redgrave/Gracia, Hair-69/Hug Me/Reddishbrown, Costume-B@R, Mystic Lady/White, Boots-First Flower/Witch Hazel/White Frost.
Poses by LAP, Striking poses, Reel Expression.

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Angie said...

OMG that second outfit is AWESOME, I dont know why, but I must have it!..... LOVE the blog!