Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Location, Location, Location - Week 12

I love shooting on Location, in RL and in SL. The advantage of SL is that there is a whole world at your fingertips and you don't have to get on a plane or spend a fortune to get there. Scouting out locations involves being aware of what's out there but this can be hard in a world that is constantly changing. Being aware involves exploring, saving landmarks, checking out sites like Flickr, Koinup, and SL Travel blogs.

Here are two amazing builds which show great artistry and are well worth a visit even if you are not into photography. It is always wise when shooting, to try to match the clothes, accessories and location to the flavour you are trying to express.

Cu Mara is a winter themed Sim which captures the beauty and magic of the season.

GolGothica is a RP Sim, still under construction which would appeal to anyone attracted to RP Dark Fantasy experience.
Both of these Sims embody what I love about SL, Creativity, a unique vision, and unbridled imagination!

Pic1 (shot in GolGothica) same as 3
Pic2 (shot in Cu Mara) Skin Redgrave Moon ice, Dress Ivalde - Dis Black Gown, Shoes Kookie Natasha Noir, Beads iGems, Vintage beads-Black Satin, Eyes Redgrave Gracia bright blue
Pic3 (shot in GolGothica) Skin Redgrave Moon Black,Horns - Hexed Alt. Sinner Horns, Dress Ivalde-Hetty black Lace Dress,Boots-[LP] Hya Boots Night-Cloven,Hair-Tossmearound (was free)DBS.

Also worn Mirada SmartHUD avatar fx (rain effect), Poses LAP, Reel Exression

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