Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Week 10 - Flickr, Contests and the Truth........

This week I finally did something I should have done a long while ago.

I finally started using my Flickr account. Pure laziness prevented me from doing it before now and I passed up on going into a few contests because of my procrastinating ways....I love taking photo's and entering contests allows one to focus energies into going out and shooting pics (as does blogging.) As well it's great to see all the wonderful photo's, great locations, groups and get some feedback. I don't have photoshop (been planning to but cost has delayed it) but I have been muddling along with GIMP (a free photo and graphics program).

So to try out everything, I entered a contest at TRUTH for photo's and decided to also feature Truth's fashions, Hair etc. So it's all the Truth here today......Truth is known for lovely hair, Clothes and Shoes, Skins and Tattoos. (Let's see how many Truths I can utter today....not to mention going crazy with links!) I discovered a couple of really cool places for taking pictures , Inspire Natural Space Park, in Shinda and La Reve.

I want to say also that my pictures are not THAT good. Entering contests and joining Flickr are ways of improving and learning, if you belong to Flickr, or just look now and then, you will know what I mean. Some of the work there is pretty amazing.

Pics1&2,3-Shot in Shinda Space park (check out the Tai Chi!) Skin - Truth Rejuvinate, Fossil Halloween, Dress - Black Lavendar (no longer available) Hair Naomi Fire, Light & Sandy, Blonde
Shoes - Balmoral Pumps (free) lead.

Pic4-Shot in La Reve, Shoes Balmoral Pumps(free) Pommygranet, dress Shanghai Baby (belt color change), Hair Morgan Tahiti (hat, texture change), Xanadu Leggings, Silver. (All New)

Not the Truth.... Sin Skins, Dark brown Brows, Eyes - Redgrave, Gracia, Blue, Poses - Reel expression and LAP.

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