Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week - 9, A loft, A Muse and too much Snow!!

"It's only November!" I whine, pensively peering through the panes of glass
in my bedroom at the literally piles of snow outside.

Is it any wonder then that I have been hanging out in my NY loft taking pictures,
jumping into my Edie shape and daydreaming about the Artist's life?
(The one none of us actually have but dream about in between juggling kids, animals,
laundry and work.) Edie was one of my first shapes and she was inspired by Warhol's muse
Edie Sedgewick. I haven't worn this shape for a while and found I needed to make some adjustments.

My Loft is New and I bought it to replace a very simple Skybox that I somehow mistextured until it just looked wrong.... It gives a great view of NY and has sunlight shining through big panes of glass. And has a few pop art touches... I also bought some cool furniture like a beanbag chair, Car Chair and table. The chairs are re-texturable...but the store (Modern Essentials) was closing so I'm not sure if it's still available (Modern Essentials has re-opened in a new sim, everything is 25L so well worth a look).

I also found myself looking for 60's dresses to match the look and the new Moon skin from
Redgrave which is a perfect 60's face, with lots of black around the eyes. One of the hardest looks to acheive is one from the 60's as not many stores specialize in the type of simple straight minidress needed. Anothe weird place I ended up was Tribute Island, memorial park, which has odd little memorials to dead famous people. I found one of Warhols Memorials and had fun snapping that.
So pull up a chair, put on some Bob Dylan and slip into a time that most of those who lived it can't rightly recall.....The 60's!!

Pic2/Skin-Moon,Redgrave,Mystic/Lashes Redgrave, Showgirl/Tights Tintable Metallic lycra - GLAM (free)/ Dress-Microphage Hope Zipper, Blue/ Hair, Tousled, Sloane, Blond/Shoes - Vamp, Staci buckled MJ (from Last Call) Mika Elegant Animated Cigarette holder/CS Eyes MirrorBrown (Celestial Studios)
Pic3/Microphage Purple Peacock Earrings/Sin Skins Dark brown Brows/Boon ICH298 Hair Honey/Pop Feel Metallic Twill Minidress Gold
Pic4/Same as 2 shot in Tribute park
Poses from LAP and Reel Expression

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