Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 7 - Octobers End - Halloween, Shelby

Now that October has come to an end, and the parties, hunts, freebies, shows relating to All-Hallows-Eve and Samhain are over what do we have to look forward to........?

Winter and (I won't use the C or X word..) and more hunts, shows, parties and general mayhem leading to that day I can't bring myself to name right now! Actually if last year was any indication, I had better steel myself for an orgy of Freebies, Advent gifts Etc. It's a lot of fun but I think I'll let Vanitas and Qwynne take on those jobs while I enjoy skating, skiing and decorating my home for the holidays.

This Halloween I took a little time to come up with a Costume. After I went to the Costume Fair, I really wanted to avoid the "Sexy Witch" look or the "random, I couldn't think of anything" look.
I found a nice Rusty Steampunk dress and paired it up with an "Automaton" skin which matches really well to make a Steampunk Robot/Doll look. The skin is expensive but comes with various colour options which makes it quite versatile. The other look I came up with was one I had been trying to find but wasn't successful till I went on the Bare Rose hunt. I found it in the store afterwards and also a lot of other reasonably priced fantasy clothes. This is a Jester/Mime outfit with a bit of an Anime/Manga Slant that I find very attractive. If you want some really cool Manga Style clothing at a very low price this is the place to go.

I ended the night at a very "far out" Halloween party at Farhaven. Get a bunch of crazy Elves together for a party and you never know who'll show up...A carrot Avie, Thor, a big purple Duck,
A Barrel Lady, A lady Tree, more than a few Sexy Witches, and a whole lot of Ghoulishness with a few monsters (and Elves) thrown in for good measure.

Mime/Jester look - Topaz Square, Pretty Mime Skin, Blue (Freebie - not Available)
Hair, Fossarius-Frosted blood, Shoes - Shiny things, Buckled Ankle Boot, Oak Eyes [SW] Dress/Costume - B@R -Fuzjko , In the Hollow Forest and Farhaven.

Rusted Steampunk Doll look - Hair - Calico Ingmann Creations!! Zoe, Bronzed, Shoes Kookie, Natasha-Noir, Skin - Curio Obscura, Clockwork Automaton Lady, Dress Rusted Doll -Tea and Strychnine, in and around Caledon.

Poses by LAP

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