Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week 7, Vanitas and Qwynne get a Reaction!

Well I'm getting behind in my Blogs... Truthfully if Vanitas and Qwynne would hold up their end I would be all caught up. Last week they were not to be found! I tried calling IM'ing and kept getting the "away" signal. When I finally caught up with them the two lazibirds were swimming, suntanning and getting very chummy with each other at the SL Botanical Gardens (still wearing their clothing...). If it wasn't so funny I would have been hopping mad!!! Anyway to make a long story short I sent the two of them over to Reaction to get some cool threads so they would at least look good while doing nothing......

Q&V The Kiss, Lounging near the Gardens.... Both wearing MM skins halloween freebie, Vanitas wearing threads from Thimbles and free stockings, Shoes Lya, Sakura - red, Hair Gritty Kitty, billirubin color ch, blk. Qwynne wearing threads from the lucky chair at Silent Sparrow.

2,3- Q&V Lounging at an unnamed beach...Skin, same, Vanitas hair, same, Qwynne wearing Reaction hat/hair combo, Both wearing Reaction thongs, Vanitas wearing Gridlock Bikini set., Wonderland Top - White,
Qwynne wearing Reaction Afterlife Boardies, Stallie shirt.

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