Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rosebud and a Bare Rose - Week 12

In response to Winter Jefferson's Plurk/Blogger Challenge I thought I'd go all Christmassy on you and bring you a Gothic Christmas Reindeer.

I love the clothes in Bare Rose and everyone seems to have memories of arriving here during their noobish days and being blown away by the sheer size, quantity and craziness of the place. The lag is terrible (even if you have a fairly fast computer)and I remember getting a whopping headache and vowing never to return.But I had to go back last Halloween when I was just not overly impressed by the amount of Sexy Witch costumes out there. Arriving I was like a kid in a candy store, found the outfit (which I covered here) vowing to come back this time with money.So Winters challenge was Good timing! I bought a couple of really cool outfits but am showing you only one today owing to the fact that I may not get online again for a couple of days. One of my criteria for buying anything is that I must feel I will wear it again and this little number is going to be at quite a few Christmas parties!

What I'm wearing - Hair-[rQ]Coy-noir&red, Skin-Redgrave, Pale, Moon Blk, Shoes Maitreya Verve Blk, Eyes Gracia Bright Blue, Redgrave, B@R Raindraa outfit, red,
Poses LAP.

Serenity from B@R has mentioned that there is a Website which has listings of all their clothes, Info and even teleports to the outfits section!

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