Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 33 - Grokking the GIMP


Now I must admit, I have GIMP, not Photoshop. I have tried to read all the tutorials (ok I never find any that applies to GIMP or that applies to what I’m working on) and so when I read Achariya’s PS Tutorial I thought I’d give the GIMP another try. This time putting together something Graphic rather than the on location shots I love shooting. I’d love to tell you just how I came up with the final result….but I have no idea except to say that there was much trial and quite a lot of error…It was fun though and I will continue to muddle along. The only advice I can give you is to save multiple copies in PNG and XCF, Get up to speed on the concept of layers and masking and have fun. This pic has a lot of mistakes….but you should have seen my earlier attempts!

The clothes are a mashup of Curious Kitties and Nomine, both of which were having interesting sales this week. The coat was interfearing with my Gimpishness so I had to remove parts…and both the coat and the skin are a steal at 100L (not sure if the sale is still on..) Curious Kitties, I will deal with later because I’ve never done a post on them and I have lots of their stuffs in my inventory.


Nomine, Dogwitch, Violet Grimm Skin, Tuli Intense Eyes Blue, Nomine Trenchcoats, Crucifix Fem, Boots Schadenfreude Pointy Buckle Boots, Find Ash Fairy wave/gloomy Brown, Curious Kitties Nyoa top grey, Alka Pants Blk.

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