Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 34 - So, what do you wear shopping?


Now I have to admit, I love to be comfortable when I shop. I walk everywhere and like to check out my surroundings. I can’t help it, I do get grungy, my feet smell and I need water, snacks, and the one thing I cannot live without….A really comfy pair of shoes. I have a tendency to get lost, walk into walls and spill things on myself. Urban Bomb Unit (no its not anything to do with bombs, as far as I can tell..) has just the best shoes ever. They are customizable with different textures and fit like a dream, the only problem right now is that I want them in RL too..The clothes are from Ducknipple which has great super comfortable clothing for browsing around the grid. Shot at Harajukubox City.


Credits: Outfit-Ducknipple, Miniskirt Copper, Sjans Brown Shirt, Jewellery-PE-MO Spike Cuff Brown, Sable Rose Urban Pentacle, Hip-Bag Messy Brown (IZUMIYA), Tuli Intense Eyes Blue, Skin Fashionably Dead –Bird Skin Salvation Army Song, UBU Drunks, UW.st Aisha 4 Hair Type A (Uncleweb Studios) Socks Kubus Brown.

Poses Striking Poses.

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