Friday, May 1, 2009

Week 32 - Fashionably Dead


This week was going to be quiet…..

I was going to just hang around take it easy and maybe check out some clothing.


That I did but something caught my eye….


Now I’ll admit it, I love different skins. I have given up trying to get a perfect one and just enjoy the variety and neverending creativity of our skinmakers. I own skins that are very realistic, photo sourced and hand drawn. (Don’t ask me to count them..) I love skins for different reasons. They all photograph differently. I have often found that certain clothing makers that I love who have a really quirky kind of fashion sense are really hard to match the skins to and hair is the same. The skins from fashionably dead are charming, almost like something you would see in an illustration or a hand drawn story. They match really well to some of the more quirky fashions and also work well with facial expressions. (Some skins are scary when you smile.)


The skins are available in Tableau sim and I’ll warn you, can be hard to find. (look near the windmill) I also was intrigued to find a lot of lovely handrawn clothing (up the stairs) and I was hard pressed to find just one outfit that I liked (I am already planning to return for more skins and clothes.) As well there is a really cute shoestring hair… Clothing from Onigiri, Fashionably Dead, Ducknipple, Dou Petit, Lazy Places and School Daze. Pics shot at Tableau and Japan Dream Kenjin (a really cool sim based on a 1960’s Japan seaside village). Torridwear AO.

All-Fashionably Dead-(fd)Bird Skin-Salvation Army Song, Hair Sunday Shoelace Fire pack.

Pic1,2,3-Gracile Eyes Hazel, Doux Petit-Boho babydoll/soft blk, Ducknipple Socks, Miniskirt/shorts Copper, Lazy Places Jax Boots Tan.

Pic4-Gracile Eyes Foresight Blue, Onigiri-Circuit Gloves, Moontan Silver Tile Belly Peircing, Shoes/Socks-SchoolDaze Chunky Mary Janes, Bobby Socks, Fashionably dead- Top/fashionably Morto, Painted Hip Huggers, Tintable Long Scarf.

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