Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 32 - One Outfit let me count the ways.....

This week I gave myself a simple challenge....
Take one outfit and see how many ways that outfit can be worn. The dress is from Bijou and though at first glance it seems like a simple clubwear type of ensemble I was surprised at how versatile it is. It also gave me the opportunity to rifle through my inventory and see what fit with what. So whatever your style......

* I had to GIMP the skirt a bit for the photo's as there were the usual parts that didn't quite look right.

Credits; All Pics feature :bijou: Gig [Black]
Pic1-Skin Redgrave Moon Blk, Beads Zaara Kaya Onyx, Tights !Doux petit Crochet/Blk, Hair Torridwear Fedorable LaRoux/brunet, shoes Jeepers Creepers Black Betty.
Pic2-Skin Minajunk Harajyuku Skin Rainbow, Net Top PBI(push button industries) the lost sounds,Hair-*Muism* Ellis/Red, Shoes Pornstar Hi-Tops, Jewelery Earthstones Eww! Spider lip ring, pants/scarf/gloves/socks Dutch Touch Street Cat, Eyes Den Dou /light grey.
Pic3-Skin Nomine Sylvan Vamp pale, Hair [rQ] coy Custom, Electro Kitty Lip Rings and Fangs, Earthstones wood Cuff Bracelets, Discord Bottle Arm Belt, Catnip Catfight Thigh strap, Hip Bag messy/brown(Izumiya), Lazy Places Myth Gryphon Boot Winter Black Swan, Truth Zanadu leggings/Brown.
Pic4-Skin Cupcakes Seduction/copper Demure, Hair The Abyss Secret/lt Blonde, Eyes Den dou/lgt grey, GLAM lycra Tights/Gold,Shoes Maitreya Slinky Stilettos/blk, LH Bustshadow, iGems Vintage Beads Blk satin.
Pic5-Skin-Fleur Allure Alacaster Valentine, Hair-Gritty Kitty Penny /Blonde, Eyes eat Rice Theif Blue/Brown, Jewellery Microphage purple Peacock Earrings, Illuminaire Bangle Bracelets/Blk, Curious Kitties Standard Choker/Blk, Boots UBU Retrostars rainboots, Pants Artilleri Betsy Pants/Dystroyed, Glasses Greta.

Locations: Menor, Scribble, My Skybox (YumYum), Dublin, Herman Melville.

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