Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 30 - I'll get Wascally Wabbit!!!

When I was 5 I fell in love.....His name was Bugs and I always thought he was the coolest Wabbit ever...

I kinda imagined myself as a cool Bunneh...not like all the cute Bunneh's out there. But it was difficult. Clothing for Bunneh's generally fall into the ultra cute and hair..Ah the hair is just so darned awful to fit..I normally have a big head...But some hair just doesn't go on a Wabbit's head!

Taking all this into account, I did my best and found a rather fine outfit at Callie Cline's on sale. (It was still on sale from St. Patty's) I thought it would be fun to see what I could see in SL from a Wabbit's perspective...

First I went to Aerobreeze, which is a watery pretty Sim, one of those places best shot using Windlight. I took a bath and played hopscotch...but I started getting bored. Not enough to do.
Then I went to Farhaven, where I had been told about an evil Bunny plot by the Bunneh Army. (Something to do with world domination...I was happy to get caught up with the Sta Puff Marshmallow man, he is well by the way..) I left there in a hurry, the chocolate Bunny's were giving me the willies.
Then because no Wabbit tour would not be complete without a Dystopian, Urban roleplaying Sim.. I went to Sick. (No Kidding!) Which kinda turned me off ordering any Burgers.
This is a very cool Sim, lots of interesting nooks and crannies.
Well maybe I'll hit a club or two... Too bad Bugs isn't here..
Avatar-DP YumYum story of a bunny/Chocolate
Hair-Hi-Rop! Ponytail Hair Blond (F)
Boots-Kboots - Brown
Outfit-Callie Cline/ Army baby Signature Outfit Green
AO-Discord OTOME -AO Ver2


Tarissa Tripsa said...

I was wondering if those boots would fit the bunny....obviously they do! Yay!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Xsmall too..!

Anonymous said...

You're a cool and sexy bunneh, and still cute too! :)

Shelby Rasmuson said...


Bettina Tizzy said...

Your wabbit is cuteness.