Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 31 - The Good, The Bad and the origins of Beauty

who walks amid the first light from the shore

to the path as light as the sand aflame with the dew

seeking the question knowing the answer

she is but an Ingénue......

gathers shells and daisies makes a chain of flowers

which she follows towards a great light

and finds an ancient city great and corrupted

who wanders its wayward paths sows the seeds of doubt

gathers its waifs and guttersnipes

and knows despair for the first time.

she is the lost and unwanted discarded like the refuse

a world of bedlam tough she builds walls

and finds a world inside herself

where none can harm or touch her

learns a new word...survival..

the years pass and she has forgotten herself

forgotten the answer the question was wrong

day dawns and she finds herself back where it all started

alone on a sheltered shore...

and knows again the knowledge she has carried even then

all things are beauty....and wonder, despair, loss and doubt are one.

and these take joy in the night as the day

For a life lived and all it contained.


Pic1&2-Skin-Cupcakes Seduction Cameo Princess, Hair [V] Vignette Lillian, Shoes Callie Cline Happy Flats, Dress Chikka Design Julie's Dream Blue, Hair Flowers Mia Snow. Shot at Error.

Pic3&4-Skin- Nomine Sylvan White Vamp Pale, Hair Lamb BangBang Greyscale, Nails Candy Nail Blk, Jewellery Sn@tch Dirty Biker cuffs, Crewell cuffs, Violet Voltaire Hair Germs Glitterati Necklace,Gothic Cincher Hexed, Nomine Dark Majjic Fishnet, Boots Bax Coen.Shot at Carnival of Doom.

Pic5&6-Skin-Cupcakes Seduction Copper Demure, Hair Truth Amber Toffee, Eyes genesis Twilight Bella, Outfit B@R Sun Goddess Brown, Little Heaven Bustshadow, Feet SLink Bare beady. Shot at Waves, my Paradise.

Poses are mine and LAP/I dabble in Poetry....MG.

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