Friday, April 3, 2009

Week 30 - Things I am attached to......

I was getting bored with my hair so I went looking for a new one. One day I found a new hair and I loved that hair and would not take it off.

So I wanted to walk around in SL with bare feet, that looked like feet and not barbietoes. And I fell to the dark side and purchased Prim Feet (yes, I know, I know..). I loved those feet and I would not take them off.

So I went to a show, called Diamond Dogs featuring the fashions from Sn@tch, Philotic Energy, !RETOX!, Nomine and [Gauze]. I knew all about those fashions and had items from all but one designer. And then I saw them and I fell in love...Tentacles (yes, I said Tentacles) and I had to find them. And so I did. And while at that store I found some cool clothes with writing on them and I liked them and I would not take them off.

So I walked and I walked around the grid trying to find the perfect sim to shoot pictures of my Rigout....but my feet got sore, and my hair got dirty, and my clothes got frayed and my Tentacles were trying to hit me! My inventory was getting angry because all these clothes were waiting there doing nothing!! They had never even been tried on..because I would not take these clothes off. I could not.

And then I found it...The perfect sim..the sim to end all sims...Bogon Flux! The sim that never stops changing, never stops growing, never stops falling apart! Where eyes follow your every move and if you try to stay in one of the cells you'll be thrown out as that part falls to the ground.
One of the strangest, oddest (Ok think Vampiric Sheep) and creative Sims will surely enable me to get past this unworldly attachment to things!

(At this time I am sorry to say that I am still wearing all the clothes that have grown attached to me....)

Featured Things;
Hair-Sadistic Hacker-Magnoria/Gold
Skin-Genesis-Eden Sugar/Nekophelia
Outfit-Gauze-Pop is Dead(Top), Filth in the beauty (jeans)
Feet-SLink Barefeet (with colour change beads and toerings)
Tentacles-Gauze-Uke's Bane (Texture Change)
Jewellery-Violet Voltaire Glitterati earrings
Belt-Indi designs Hazel


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That was a great post, I enjoyed reading it! :)

Shelby Rasmuson said...

I think I'm seriously losing it...
But it was fun to write.