Wednesday, May 20, 2009



I must say that after the week that was, it’s a good thing I have my feet firmly planted on the ground or all this attention and appreciation might just have gone to my head. No worries though, I waded through many of the boxes (thank you, thank you) made it to the party, (I didn’t even make a total fool of myself as I usually do at these things or spend the night hugging the fridge…uh no fridge..) Even the gift of a Private Plane did nothing to inflate my usually tiny ego… (OK maybe just a teeny bit!)


Thank you to all who were a part of this. Most Especially Callie! It was wonderful. Truth is I love to blog because of the fact that we’re making it up as we go…. Well, I think I’ll go hang out in my Private Plane .. now. Which I have no idea how to fly…but how hard can it be?


Credits: Plane courtesy of Sovrano 920 by Luxury Elegance. Shot at Vehicle Sandbox.

Skin Chaissuki, Joanna Madness Sunkissed, Eyes Tuli Grey, Necklace Elegant Yasmeen Eluzion, Hat MAH Loren, Outfit Clothes Horse Aldina, Glasses Kiss this, Hair Tiny Bird Willow C Buttermilk, Earrings Ticky Tacky Lick me. Shoes by Duh! Blk/Gold slip on Clogs, Poses by Pffiou.

All Blogger gifts (may or may not be available.)

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