Friday, May 8, 2009

Week33 - It’s Curious……


I can’t help walking into Curious Kitties without experiencing a big dose of nostalgia and affection. CK, along with Tete a Pied, Nyte and Day, and Artilleri, were the first stores I fell in love with in SL.(After I had left the noob hangouts and Businessinabox nightmares!) CK manages to mesh together Neko, Anime, Japanese, Fantasy, Streetwear into a truly uniquely designed product. The store itself hasn’t changed a lot since my first days but that’s because it’s beautifully laid out and matches the design sensibility of the clothes. I have found setting my windlight pretty bright helps the darkness and like a lot of big stores it can be a bit laggy, so I lower my graphics also. This week CK has been running a Tiki Present offer (50L to buy a present, limit of 2, I got the brown leather skirt and lovely Tribal skin), a sale (10-50% off selected items) , a present tree (I received jewellery), and a Lucky Kitty Draw. One of the things I have always loved about the store is that prices range from under 100L for a top to over 1000L for a whole ensemble including shoes. This allows you to shop, come back later and match items which you may have bought a while ago. The store offers, clothes, accessories, shoes, skins, and hair. I own a number of the skirts which are lovely but need to be finessed a little for fitting.




Credits: All Eyes Genesis Twilight Bella, Poses LAP

Pic1-Shot in Olivia, Skin Fashionably Dead Morning Sun/Sundrops, Top CK Yaeu Top Brown, CK Tough Leather Skirt Tiki Present, Tooth Stone Choker Tree Present, Boots KBoots Brown, Hair Zero Style Mai Brunettes.

Pic2-Shot in IDIA Labratories, Skin (for 2,3,4) CK Ellis Feather Skin Tribal Makeup (Tiki Present), CK Bear Hoodie and Hoodie Hair, Tooth Stone Chain Choker, Shoes Lassitude and Enneui Hitomi Classic, Skirt CK Fishnet Fairy.

Pic3-Shot at Straylight Botanical, Skirt CK Lime wub plaid and Hat, Top CK Noya Gray, CK Standard Black Choker, Metallic Shine Leggings League Night, Boots L&E Elizabeth Lace up Ankle boots, Hair (Waka & Yuki) W&Y 86 Type B, Sn@tch Dirty Biker Cuffs, Nails Candy Prim BLK.

Pic4-Shot at Straylight Botanical, Dress CK Mahexa Dress grey, Nails Candy Prim BLK, Shoes CK Lolly Toe Heel BLK (with toe hud for colorchange nails and skin), Hair (UncleWeb Studio) Uw st. Type A Topaz Brown.

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