Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 34 - Edelweiss…Edelweiss…


About a week ago, while shopping for something else, I came across this lovely dress with bloomers in Edelweiss. Edelweiss is a Japanese store with Schoolgirl and Anime type clothing. I was looking for something sweet and fresh and this little number was perfect. I couldn’t find a skin which matched so I demo’d Beauty by Adam&Eve and it was just the right combination of sweetness I was looking for. The sandals are from Slink, flowers and sunglasses, Artilleri and the necklace from Violet Voltaire who is having a closing sale at her main store. (I believe some of her other locations will remain open.) I’ve been wearing this combo for the last few days and love the way everything moves together.


I made my way over to NAH! to check out the location and found a door which when you go through it, teleports you to a pretty lovely rainy Sim. I was having fun taking pictures and returned home to finish off my shots. When I finally took a look at what I had shot I realized that something very odd had happened. Parts of the picture were repeated. Except for fooling with the colour and sharpness I have left these two as is. Apparently this is a SL bug and it is being fixed, but sometimes a mistake can be put to good use…


Credits:Skin Adam&Eve Beauty, tone 1 Natural Gloss, Dress Edelweiss Irie, Shoes Slink Eve Summer Sandals White, Glasses Artilleri Onyxia white, Orchid hair flower, Jewellery Violet Voltaire Sweetheart, Purity, Hair Uncle Web Studio’s Julie (free), Umbrella embryo en jour (free). Poses Rel Expression.

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