Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 1 - Oh, the Randomness of it all !!!

The other day, I was sitting around thinking about my whole SL experience.

I came to SL on a whim. I had become bored with the games I had been playing online and the idea of a virtual world with complete freedom appealed to me. I loved the idea of an open-ended experience. This was about a year ago last May.

Well, I was born and quickly froze up my Computer. I was intrigued mainly because I had heard about SL in the Media and couldn't for the life of me figure out why intelligent individuals would pay real money for a virtual life. Of course I didn't know anything about Linden dollars so the costs seemed exorbitant. Being a nosy person I just had to go see for myself.

Six Months later, new Computer in hand, I went back to Orientation Island. I wish I had taken a photo of myself then because I looked like the Bride of Frankenstein on a bad day! I wasn't satisfied with the body I was given (everyone looked the same) so I tinkered with the look. And so like so many others I entered the lovely world of Newbiedom...

I know so many celebrate their Rezzday but because I kept my original Avie I can't really say when my Rezzday is. I should just make up a day...

I enjoyed my Newbiedom but it was also frustrating. Where am I? Why do I look so bad when everyone else looks so good? I tried to fly everywhere and my 'puter kept freezing up. I knew nothing about the SL buggies and where to find anything. I haunted the free places until my inventory was packed with junk. I tried to live free for a while but then I found the Elven Isles and the Isle of Wyrms. I fell in love with the big beasts and even tried to buy one. Because it's a lottery, I was not successful in gaining a Wyrm until a few months later, but I had Money to spend......

Things improved and I started to learn about putting together a good look. I took classes and learned about all the fun things one could do in SL. I found places to hang out, places to shop, Live music, Building, Fashion Shows, Photography, Blogs, did I mention shopping? As well I started attending some of the many events SL has to offer. Burning Life, the Skin Show, the Hair Show, Shakespearean Shows, Live Music, Treasure hunts and all the ongoing shows and events.

After leaving the newbie haunts behind I discovered a world which is similar in a way to the world we live in but also different, in a way that appealed to my overactive imagination.

Whatever your experience is in SL good or bad, it is yours to make and control.

Every time things get a little boring I shake things up a little. After a few months as a homeless person I decided to buy a small piece of land. This was an education in itself and after looking at Auctions, the Mainland, and private Estates I bought a Huge plot of 1024 with loads of prims, 300 on a Private Island, Which after a week had used up and was bemoaning not buying a bigger plot with more prims.

I have since moved again not because there was anything wrong with the plot but because
I wanted to shake up my SL again. I am now living with Elves. (and loving it.) I am something of a chameleon and love to change my look... I have had fun buying a little Cottage and planting trees. I have a small Mermaid Grotto and a patch of Mushrooms. I can boat to the local Drum Circle and there are tons of places to get out and explore.

I love spring, it's my favorite time of the year, but Fall is always the time for trying new things.
Something to do with back to School....

Last week I began an exercise program in RL. Today I began blogging my SL experience.
I have discovered muscles I didn't know I had in more ways than one.

I began by thinking about how so much of my SL experience had been random happenings.
Can't wait to see what happens next....

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