Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week 2- A very busy week

Well this week has had a bit of everything. When I think back of the first few weeks I Spent in SL, not really knowing where to go or what to do, I laugh. What with the Glamour Expo, Burning Life, Sales, The Globe Theater, Camping, and Demo'ing new products I have been doing a lot of running around.

I am not a Glamourpuss in the traditional sense though I do love the idea of Costume as Art and the retro "Old Hollywood" looks. I have been fooling around with different Fantasy "Looks", Elf, Satyr, Fae... Right now I have been looking for pieces which are more in that vein. So with that in mind, I walked around the Glamour expo without planning to buy anything. I did buy a lovely "Wench" dress at SD Wears and saw many lovely things in the booths around the sim. While walking around the Vanity Sim, I received an IM from the Shakespeare Company that an impromptu performance of "Ones a Pawn of Time" was about to start. Its always fun to watch a live performance at the Globe Theater and after the performance, the actors answered questions in the dressing room. Quite a few Lindens were in attendance, so the conversation was spirited and interesting.

I haven't spent a lot of time over at the Burning Life Sims yet (a situation I will be correcting) but I have been to check some of the builds (as they were being built). I hope to get over there soon and take some photo's.

This week I attended a few sales; HOH, Tousled, as well as grabbing a few Freebies, and sat in a camp chair at Little Heaven for hair! My biggest purchases for the week were; new Jennifer Skin from Redgrave (lovely), a new FairyAO from ANA_Mations (cool but always in motion..) and Dark Peacock Wings from Fancy Fairy.

1. Shot in Fairy Crossing Exhibit in BL
Hair from Tousled,Knotted, Too, Skin from Redgrave, Venus, Peach, Dress from SD Wears, Wench Outfit, Shoes from Maitreya, Mishima Dawn-Leather green, Ears from Illusions, Mystic ears, Elfin Naturals, Eyes Redgrave - Julia Romantic Green
2. Camping Chair in Little Heaven
Hair from Kin, Lucy, Black wth Pink Highlight, Skin Redgrave- Jennifer-Peacock, Dress Pixel lounge Petticoat Set, free, Shoes Panjen Black Ballet flats, Free 3.-Same, Shot in Starlust
4. Satyrs in Grendels
Skin from Grendels, Dapple Grey Skin, Tail from Grendels, Rris Horse Tails,Feet.. [LP] Hya Boots Night, Cloven, Boxed, Hair from Tousled, Skyler, White
5. One's a Pawn of Time, Globe Theater

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