Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 28 - Hiatus, Holidays and RFL...

After things in SL moving along in a predictable fashion, I encountered a few roadblocks which meant that I have only just gotten back on SL after a few weeks hiatus. Computer problems and a holiday in NYC gave me a rest that was needed and a fresh outlook on things. I was glad though that I came back in time to take an excursion over to the Relay for Life Clothing Fair that has just ended. I found the shopping to be fairly lag free (but then I have a new computer since last year and came on the last day) and found the build to be enjoyable and well designed around the Pirate theme. Last year I was more of a freebie hunter, which basically goes against the spirit of the whole Relay and so this year I decided to focus on the items which were for sale with the proceeds going to The Cancer Society.
I had to avoid the fuchsia pink clothes and overt Pirate items and tried to find well designed outfits that I would actually wear, in a reasonable price range. Many of these items were created just for the fair (but not all) and I was also happy to find new stores with great clothing that I will be visiting later. I am wearing the new skin by Ryker Beck which I am so happy comes with luscious black lips (in addition to many other options) and used the Blogger Poses by LAP which are great because they have many versions which make it easy to shoot with prim pants and poofy skirts. Pics were shot in Wastelands Sim.

Credits:(Not RFL) Skin for all-Genesis, Eden Sugar/Necophelia, Eyes-Genesis, Twilight Eyes/Bella, Hair-Tousled (KNOTTED) Burnt/Light Brown.

Pic1-Outfit-Morgan (Indi Designs) Jewellery HoC (House of Creation) Pentagram Necklace,Creamshop Glam Earring BLK (not an RFL item), Boots J's Unisex Engineer (Not RFL)
Pic2-Outfit-Blackwater(Pixel passion), Stomach Chain RFL Gold(Dark Eden), Creamshop Glam Earring BLK (not an RFL item), Sn@tch Mufkin Shoe.
Pic3-Outfit-Baggy Earth (One Soul), Stomach Chain RFL Gold(Dark Eden)
Pic4-Outfit-Fumi_GSet(Fumiwo Gallery), Sn@tch Mufkin Shoe.

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