Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 27 - Laidback and Casual...

I have to admit, most of my clothing in SL would never survive into the real world. I love fantasy wear and dress-up clothing, wild hair and unusual make-ups. This week I wanted to show you some (not all) of my finds which are worldly. The measure of a really good store in SL is one where you forget you are dealing with a virtual environment. You start thinking in terms of fabrics as opposed to textures, workmanship instead of creation. Each of these stores for me are exciting because they have a real connection to clothing, either clothes I could imagine wearing, wish I had, or wish I had the courage to wear in the RW.

Tokeo Plastic Makes pants...big, baggy, colourful, Pants. Cargo style for you or your inner Neko...Unisex, so you could appear with your partner dressed alike if you wanted to. And they make scarves, huge scarves, colourful interesting scarves and accessories. This store is Anti-fashionista.....if you have had enough of those really short skirts in SL...

I guess I have been sitting under a rock because I thought Zaara made only (gorgeous, beautiful) Indian style apparel, Jewellery and those lovely Pashmina Scarves we all own. I started hearing about the Jeans from people and how popular they were, so I thought I'd take a look-see. Well I saw the Jeans but went for this outfit because it was something I'd love to wear in RL. (Apologies for not removing my Shoes in the temple...Tourist!)

UnTone Quilt is a store which has cute funky comfortable clothing. I could see myself wearing this downtown for a day shopping or just hanging about. I am angry that it's not in my closet.

Locations; The top two are from Happy Mood where you can buy really really big Bunneh's (with twitchy noses). And if you are patient you can win a bubble chair with multiple poses.
The middle two are in the Zaara Sim which is lovely for photo's as well as shopping. The bottom two are from Hobo Island, a great place with interesting characters and lots of places for pics.

Credits; Poses by me, don't laugh

All-Skin-Curio;GP-Moonbeam [dark] Breeze Mauve
Eyes-Redgrave Gracia Bright Blue (free)
Outfit-Tokeo Plastic, Unisex Ravepants, TP Wasteland Scarf, Marionette
Hair-Curio Rabid Warms-Red
Jewellery-Tokeoprize/Spikecuffs (F), Sn@tch Biker Cuffs
Outfit-Zaara-Inka Jacket Grey, Inshaya Velour Slacks-Acid, Isis Shirt-White
Hair-Philotic Energy Gilly Black
Shoes-*Vamp Staci Mary Janes, Blk (Last Call, NA)
Outfit-UnTone Quilt-Overall&Capris, Yuruyuru Knit Border Sweater
Hair-Kin, Enid Blond
Socks-Courderoy Sylar leggings
Shoes-Pornstar Hi-Tops Multicolour

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