Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 26 - Four Looks/one Sn@tch

Tough, Sexy and Cheeky are words I would use to describe the store known as Sn@tch.....
I walked into the store back in my freebie days, when Ivey Deschanel was putting out weekly group gifts and hunts around her store. She is tireless in her creative output, involvement in shows (like Black Swan) sense of humour and marketing savvy. I ran over last weekend as she was having a sale (on until tomorrow-50% off) and picked up a few outfits. She is also running a photo contest right now. And for those so inclined she has a Lucky Chair, Riot Vendor and boxes of free stuff for Newbies!

(Click on Pic to Enlarge)

RMB City
Straylight Botanical

Credits; Poses by me, don't laugh...

Pic1-Skin-Nomine, Ultralight, Torn-Sunburn
Hair-Maitreya Faye, Blonds
Outfit-Sn@tch, You don't own me
Shoes-Sn@tch, Streetwalkers Disco
Jewellery-Sn@tch, Cruel Collar, Cuffs/Dirty Biker Cuffs, Earring, RingRing

Pic2-Skin-Curio Obscura- Clockwork Automaton Lady
Hair-Calico Ingman Creations!! Zoe/Bronzed
Outfit-Sn@tch, Skull Kini
Shoes-Bax Cohen, Ankle Black Patent
Jewellery- Sn@tch Dirty, Cruel Collar, Cuffs/Dirty Biker Cuffs, Earring, RingRing

Pic3-Skin-Shir-HOL Skin (from Blowpop)
Hair-Calico Ingmann Creations!! Fossarious-Blood
Outfit-Sn@tch, The Daisy Experiment
Shoes-Fuel, Chibs (shoe show)Summer Berry, Socks DP Bambi, Pink
Jewellery-Sn@tch, No.9 Bracelets (Skulls&Metal)from Autumn Gothic

Pic4-Skin-Curio (Gala) Moonbeam[Dark]Mauve Mist
Hair-Curio Rabid Red
Outfit-Sn@tch, Little China Girl/Red
Jewellery-ToRiCo, Armband, Piercing, Choker

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