Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 22 - Blowing in the Windlight !!!

Recently I was checking around the feeds and not really seeing anything I really liked, I noticed a really interesting series of Dresses by Neferia Abel of Ivalde. These dresses were created for the EFA-AIFW-09 which is a simultaneous Fashion Show combining RL and SL talent which took place on January26th. The SL Fashion Designers were to re-create the real world fashions on display at the RL portion of the event. Neferia used sculpies to give the dresses the baggy look of the originals. These dresses are different to much of the tight-to-the body clothing so prevelent in SL. I tried all kinds of shoes, boots etc. until I realized what I really liked about the dress was the free spirited kinda funkiness so I added some Yak and Yeti Jewellery and went exploring...
Ok, I have been on a Windlight Odyssey...When Windlight was first introduced last year I thought "Great" until I started crashing every time I used it. As time passed, I had to use ever lower graphics settings just to get a normal SL experience. Windlight got put on the backburner and I just ignored all the info which related to it. A while ago, I finally bought a new puter and so I can actually run my computer on ultra high Graphics settings. Last week through a really random comment on Plurk I started investigating Windlight. I downloaded Torley's Windlight Presets and Redgrave's settings which are good for the face. I know other people on SL have also played around with Windlight, so I am sure I will continue checking out new and interesting uses for it. Windlight gives realistic and fantastic effects to Sky, and Water. Redgrave's Presets eliminate the need for facelights. Torley's settings are ideal for photo's relying on mood and atmosphere. Some are best for landscape and others will do for faces etc. Redgraves work for pictures of straight fashion or where you want even lighting. You can also play around with the sliders and make your own. I haven't tried this...yet! Windows Presets can be accessed by clicking on World/Environment Settings/Environment Editor/Advanced Sky-Water Presets. Redgrave has their presets instore while Torley's are available for download into SL. I have also added Anna Lutetia's setting for studio (from her blog) and plan to use and compare them to the others.

Credits:Dernier Cri Pink Flower anklet (1L), Yak&Yeti Tibetan Jewellery(1L), Tuli Henna Tattoo(1L), Redgrave Leona Pale, Gracia Eyes Blue, The Abyss Hair Secret, Ivalde Hanging Garden for EFA_AIFW-09, Shot at Ginnies Spa. Poses by me.

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