Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week 241/2 - Those Discordant Wales...

Shopping in SL sometimes gets mundane because one tends to shop in much the same places after a while. Of course I scan the feeds for new products as well as keep up with the groups and chatter. Because RL has been so demanding lately of my time and attention I have only been keeping only one eye open. I remembered seeing a few pairs of baggy pants advertised but completely forgot where I had seen them. After getting some suggestions I went shopping...
I didn't find the pants I had seen but found a couple of really cool stores. Discord is a store I have been in before. I bought an AO there but never stayed to check out the other products.
Discord is similar in many ways to Bare Rose. It is large and can be laggy. The clothes and other products are very reasonably priced. Clothes range from Fantasy to Funky to Japanese . And there are some wonderful prim hairs again at really good prices. I bought several Hairstyles and 2 outfits and a pretty funky Bunny which is colourchange at 50L. I will be returning later to check out more clothes and boots! The boots are from Lazy places and support the Victoria Relief Fund. The skin was from Fleur as part of the Vain Kiss hunt. (I am rediscovering Fleur as Tete a Pied was the first store I walked into in SL as a noob and went "I want...") The makeups for this skin are wonderful for photography. The Pictures were shot at Wales Springs SIM.

Credits: Skin - Fleur Allure China Valentine, Artilleri Deadly Rose Hair Flower, AE -Plum Finger Nails, Usa-Mon Tex.Change Bunny, Lazy Places Naamloos-Victoria Bushfire Relief, Eyes Redgrave Gracia Blue. (My own poses and Torrid AO)

Pic1,2-Outfit Discord-DA-1 Pink, Prim Hair COA-Red, Paina-Black

Pic3-Outfit Discord-AQON Red, Prim Hair Shiipu, Green.

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