Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week Whatever - Pretty in Pink!

Cute and Pink in SL isn't usually my thing but thinking about Valentines Day, Spring (if it ever comes!) and Pink, reminded me of the Movie "Pretty in Pink" and Molly Ringwald, from the 80's with her cute but Quirky style...Candy Floss....I need to go brush my teeth now!

Shot on Location at Kowloon, Mudshake and Monaca Japan.

When Achariya posted a blogger challenge in rememberance of John Hughes passing, it put me in mind of this post from February. My daughter and I had just watched the movie (I've seen it so many times) and had fun discussing the fashion and my memories of the eighties. She had also to listen to my experience of 16 candles and how "My" parents forgot my 16th birthday! Long live John Hughes!! (at least in film..)

Credits; All -Skin Redgrave Leona/Pale/Pink, Eyes - Redgrave Gracia Blue (free), Socks - Canimal/Mismatched old, Scarf Thimbles Bedspread Scarf, Hair Kin Yohkoh. My poses..

Shorts-Sumi Colarable Leggings, Boots - Wooly Bully HOL edition, sUmi Patch Shirt pink, sUmi Rough Knit Pink, Jewellery Yak&Yeti, Shorts - Reaction Girl/Smoaked Shorts Red.

Skirt-Mudshake Happy Skull top, Flexi Pink Skull Skirt, Jewellery from Earthstones and Simply Spoiled, Fuel Bambee Wedge Shoes Strawbs.

sUmi is available @ Tuli, WoolyBully Boots @ Lazy Places

(p.s. I am loving this pink thing and have bought more pink hair at Kin! I also wanted to say that Mudshake is a great store for both Furnishings, Plants, and some really cute clothes too. sUmi is a line in Tuli which is very sweet. Lazy places is one of my favorite places for unusual footwear and Thimbles is just a very cool place. These kinds of stores remind me of the days when I used to shop for Vintage Funky clothes in RL!)


Constance M said...

I am loving your blog and read it often !! Smiles

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you so much!

Achariya Rezak said...

*g* yay, this was awesome!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Long live John Hughes and the eighties!!