Saturday, September 11, 2010

The House of Munster…


Last year, one of my favourite hairs at the Hair Fair was a style By the House of Munster called Axel. I thought it would be interesting to revisit HOM and check out the hairs this year. This style called Radical I really like and what the style offers are changeable textures, although blonde tends to be my most worn colour I also like the reds and tipped tones. It is also one of the styles which raises money (50% of the proceeds) for the Hair Fair Charity “Wigs for Kids”.


This week was a short one but still it was hell. I certainly felt as though a telephone cord got wrapped around my torso…. I have to thank Ryker Beck (of Exodi) for making dark lips for her new Skin, I always need a skin with black lips, and hers are some of the best I’ve seen!


Whenever I don’t post a slurl for my Location it’s usually because it’s in my backyard. I could take pics here and never run out of places to shoot. I do have to avoid the toxic areas though. Don’t light a match..


Credits: Pics shot in The Wastelands, Poses by Olive Juice. Hair by House of Munster Radikal, Blondes, Reds and Gore&Tips (500L scripted texture change) at the Hair Fair (charity item), Skin Exodi Isolde Vivante 14, RunoRuno Narke Black DU4 (Designers United4), Boots Hoorenbeek Cowboy Boots Black.

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