Saturday, August 28, 2010



I know that I’ve been quiet lately. Busy has a way of doing that… I have been around the grid though, managing to get to some events and some sales. I do like to write and miss putting my thoughts on .. a screen. Ok I know I’m not likely to be the first to wear anything anymore, if I ever was and I miss a lot of what is happening. Truth is I sometimes feel totally out of synch with the blogging world. There are so many new bloggers out there!! I am enjoying discovering them though. But I am missing messing about on my blog…gimping and playing with pictures!


I have had a few little projects, like finally getting my feed reader set up properly. Part of the issue for me is that I do scan the feeds almost every day. But I lose my favourite blogs in the overwhelming mass of blogs posted to the feeds. So, the feed reader is the perfect solution. I still scan the feeds but when I want to leisurely check out my favourites, I go to my feed reader, and they’re there…and growing every day. Like my nose (which I changed).


My favourite blogs are like an old worn out pair of pyjamas. Most have been around for a while, many shoot on location, a lot talk about daily life and how SL fits into the equation. Or they simply have amazing pics. A lot of newer bloggers seem to have appeared fully formed. (As in the fact that they’re good already, not like my initial attempts…) And I’m happy to see that. I am also sad when a blog disappears.. As quite a few have over the last months. To blog a lot, you need to have a fair amount of time. To blog well, you need to have a good eye and be willing to learn. To be a review blogger you need to be willing to keep in touch with creators, be timely in your postings and creative with a multitude of clothes. I am more of a part timer now..


Credits: Skin Mynerva Summer Nights Butterscotch (summer of love), Hair Truth Midori Cherry, Outfit Silent Sparrow Moonchild Suite Copper (on sale a while ago), The Abyss Barbed Choker, Barbed Wristband, Steampunk Rusted Spectacles (summer of love), Courtisane Allumeuse Boots (black) (shoe fair). Poses were from the LAP sale a while back –Dude!

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