Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 19 - It's all about the Hair!!!

This week RL issues have been taking me away from SL and shopping. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of my favorite hairs at the moment and see them all together on a page. I wear a lot of Blond in SL, not sure why but it is a colour which goes well with my Avie. Most of the time, the blond colours are of the shorter variety, longer styles are too Barbieish for me. These are not all of my favorite designers as there are a number of hair designers that I will buy other colours from as the hair looks better on me from them in those colours.

I find it very interesting to see the variety of textures offered by designers. Blond seems to be a difficult colour to texture and get a realistic look from and each designer has a unique feel to their hair. In the future I may show some of the other hairs in darker colours that I like with some of my other favorite designers. I am always looking for new hair, designers and colours!

Credits; 1.Diversity-Elina, 2.Maitreya-Amy, 3.Truth-Bambi, 4.Find Ash-Airraiz Curl, 5.OStyly-Prissy, 6.OStyle-Ayase, 7.Boon-YU237, 8.Exile-Kaori, 9.Boon-ICH298, 10.Kin-Mairi , 11.Analog Dog-Mia, 12.Jolie Femme-Bella, 13.Discord Designs-Paige.

Skin-Curio Opaline Sugarplum, Eyes-Redgrave Ashley grey, Ears Illusions Mystic Ear Elfin Naturals, Dress Wrong Skulls.


Anonymous said...

you have most of my fav hairs pictured here.. cept mine are in red!! You've inspired me to try something similar

Anonymous said...

Definitely says a lot about my state of mind right now that I didn't even recognise my own (and most recently released) hairdo...


Still glad to see Paige compared to a bunch of others... Blonde really *is* a hard color to do!


Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you! it's a good excuse to take a look in my inventory, there are some great hairs that I forget I have! Red is probabally second to Blond, I wear a lot of black so they show up well.