Thursday, January 1, 2009

Week 17 - Blogger Challenge Ctrl-Shift-H

When Myatala introduced a new Blog/Plurk/flickr challenge I realized that this one was just up my alley!

1. Take a snapshot of your Home location in SL. (Post-process as much or as little as you wish; if you want to do a collage of things from your SL home, that's cool, too!)
2. Post snapshot to your blog, plurk timeline, flickr stream, whatever.
3. Comment here (on her blog) with link to your participation post/plurk/whatever.

I moved to a new home back in September and I won't lie I just love this place! My Home is in the Elven Sims and the landscape features are so pretty. I love the fact that I can swim or boat all around the area, explore, take pics, and the seasons change too. Initially I had a wonderful time shopping for my house which is a fairytale-like cottage on stilts. These sims operate according to a theme of high fantasy but I wanted my home to be humble as befits a young Elf just starting out. I have since placed a New York Loft overhead which has been featured in my blogs. I really enjoyed decking out my home for Christmas and snow arrived several weeks before the season. I am looking forward to spring and I'm sure that it's gonna come weeks before it does in RL.

Credits; Clothing - Artilleri, Betsy Pants/destroyed, Carlita Top, Analog Dog Hair - Mia Sepia, Illusions/mystic ears/elfin, Skin/Eyes -Redgravve - Moon, Gracia(eye), Jacket - Thimbles/The Angel of your Nightmares Coat, Feet-Lazy Places - Gryphon Myth

Home-Storybook Cottage on Stilts, Gypsey Builds, Wildewood (anything else is just too complicated to list here but if you ask nicely I'll try to track it down for you!)

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