Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Lights are on…


Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front but not because I haven’t been busy. There have been numerous sales, new skins (yay!!) and my inventory is overflowing with new and old things to show you. Said inventory starting to look like plant from Little Shop of Horrors…


Today I am featuring a new couple pose pack by Rogan Diesel of Dieselworks called Best Friends Forever. And I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show you my new alt. I have been fiddling with her shape and sending her to sales and cheap places to buy clothes. I did buy her one of the new Hounds of Love skins from & Bean which suits her quite well I think. I was going for a stronger less conventionally pretty look.


I bought a bevvy of new hairs for me, my girl alt and my male alt from Boon which was having a sale (I believe its over now). I have been looking for some different styles, and I’m especially happy with the male hairs (I will be showing those later). I also had to get over to Artilleri where I bought some really cute clothes as well as  guy stuff (Antonia was having a 50% off sale on red, white and blue!) I am wearing some of my Artilleri finds and my alt is wearing clothes that were all bought on the cheap from !Duh, Glam Affair (discount section) and Cupcakes bake sale. Aside from the skins nothing that I’m wearing was over 80L’s.


Besides my alt’s &bean skin, I am wearing one of Fashionably Dead’s new skins. I couldn’t resist picking up a few of those, as they are some of my favourites. So here I am waiting for the tornado I thought would come, listening to the crickets and looking at my empty wallet!


All pics were shot using Dieselworks Best Friends Forever Pose set 649L, or 199L ea. Pics shot @ Butterdish. Some of the stuff I’m wearing is older (ie older group gifts and sales).

Credits: Myself – Skin Fashionably Dead (fd) Slasher4 (bird skin), SLink Winkles Heels Bliensen&Maitai earrings, Artilleri 1st Mate Capri’s (red), Artilleri Sailorette Top (red), Tattoo Artilleri Old School, Deco Buddy Glasses (black), Hair Boon Tom245 hair (blond). Saoirse – Skin &Bean HoundsOfLove Koltrast (light), Boots !Duh Cowboy (black), !Duh Sweet Girl Piercings, !Duh cut stone corded necklace, Top [aRawra] Vintage Tankdress (black), Samsara Cupcake sale bracelet, Boon Bad980 (black).

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