Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tomorrow Never Knows

Where the cold wind blows
Tomorrow never knows
Where your sweet smile goes
Tomorrow never knows


You and me
we've been standing here,
my dear
Waiting for that time to come
Where the green grass grows
Tomorrow never knows

In the field your long hair flows
Down by the tail end of the tracks
Beneath the water tower
I carried you on my back
Over the rusted spikes
of that highway of steel


When no more thunder sounds
Where the turn goes
Tomorrow never knows
Well he who waits
for the day's riches
will be lost


In the whispering tide
Where the river flows
Tomorrow never knows    Bruce Springsteen


Rogan Diesel of DieselWorks sent me this set of Couple poses called The Hook Up. 199L per pose. 649L for the set. Afterwards I had to explain to some tourists as to why I was on my roof in my undies, they were worried I might jump. I am not sure how I would have explained these poses … I may have just ruined my stellar reputation in my neighbourhood. I doubt I’ll be receiving any more invitations to High Tea at the local branch of the Historical Society. Oh well!

Credits: SHE - Reasonable Desires Nikki Black Lingerie Group Gift {R}, Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots (cherry) {R}, Skin Dutch Touch Keira (cream) Double Trouble, Hair ILoveOlive Luani (jet black). HE – Aitui Stretched Ears, Boy tank (coal), Verge Boxer Briefs (this way), Tattoo It was freedom, MADesigns Promise Eyes (brown pale11), Hair Cheerno Simple (graffiti), Skin LAQ Daniel 01 (fair).

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