Friday, April 30, 2010


The human mind delights in grand conceptions of supernatural beings. And the sea is precisely their best vehicle, the only medium through which these giants (against which terrestrial animals, such as elephants or rhinoceroses, are as nothing) can be produced or developed - Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues under the sea


Science, my lass, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth. Jules Verne


The Nautilus was piercing the water with its sharp spur, after having accomplished nearly ten thousand leagues in three months and a half, a distance greater than the great circle of the earth. Where were we going now, and what was reserved for the future? Jules Verne


We were alone. Where, I could not say, hardly imagine. All was black, and such a dense black that, after some minutes, my eyes had not been able to discern even the faintest glimmer. Jules Verne


I hope you will forgive my lapse into Verneness but this Sim, Nemo is pretty amazing. These outfits are by Beautifully Sinister of Ripped and when I dropped into her store during the Faire I knew I wanted to blog some of her clothes. They fall into the Fantasy style but for me I have always loved crossing over in genres, hence the unusual locale. The store features a lovely variety of RP, Gorean, and Medieval Clothing both for females and males. Shoes, accessories and tatts as well. I will be showing you an example of the male clothing soon and I can tell you it’s pretty hot (think braveheart … ). I must also add that I am wearing the new Lionheart skins from Akea Rieko of the Plastik. You will be seeing a full review of these lovelies next week.

Credits: Look1- Ripped Ragged Seduction (black) 300L {R}, Skin Lionheart Hi-Def Saga August (shy) {R}, Hair Exile Carly/Dusk (hairband tinted) {R}, SLink Bare Feet. Look2- Ripped Bonny (red) 300L {R}, Skin Lionheart Myth August (shy), Hair Exile Carly Cinnamon (tinted hairband). All Poses Striking Poses NLA.


Chic Aeon said...

Just wanted to say that I really like your lead photo :D

Shelby Rasmuson said...

Thank you! I shot these pics then realized that the resolution was wrong (I had changed viewers) so I had to go back and re-shoot.

Anonymous said...

thx rfor you sharing~~learn it by heart ........................................