Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RFL, Rising Silks


One of the joys of blogging for me is sometimes getting called upon to blog something completely out of my comfort zone. What is to be learned about such an experience is that challenging oneself and treating every job in a professional manner teaches one things that cannot be learned if you stick to just what you know. As part of the RFL bloggers, I took a trip over to Miro Collas’s store Rising Silks. I remembered how I noticed that most stores, especially ones carrying silks catered to a mostly female clientelle. This store is mostly male and not only has some pretty well designed silks but also a whole bevvy of male poses.


This set is one of the RFL charity items, Darkness Elemental, and I can say that a great deal has been done with very little fabric! This set is available at the Fantasy Faire and also comes in a female version. The metals and gems are changeable for glow, brightness and shininess. The poses here are by Diesel Works, Dante, and I am glad that I finally got a chance to use them! Like all Rogan Diesel’s poses they are well proportioned and attractive. Shape and skin are Belleza and hair is from Exile.


This set is a special Edition called Mythic White and amazingly is a freebie. (please remember to leave a donation for RFL though..)There is a lot of particle action going on, so it’s not the piece to wear when in a laggy area like The Faire but is a wonderful challenge to photograph! Somehow I am wearing  a few of the pieces from the female set of the Darkness Elemental thrown in as well, so this is a combo… One of the great things about silks is that they really show off skins and tatts.  The female skin is again the new one from Tuli, Sayuri, great make-up colours and detail throughout! The poses are new by Diesel Works, Scarlett.


Credits: Pics shot @ Lost World by lolmac Shan, and Roan & Lumeria. Poses By Rogan Diesel,  Dante and Scarlett.
His – Clothes Rising Silks (& Animations Rising)  Darkness Elemental {R} 550L also a female version, Skin Belleza Thomas V2 group Gift, Shape LE LOOK (part of a group gift), Hair Exile Kavar havok (brown), Spear VM project DSN, Tattoo Eched Saga.
Hers- Clothes Special Edition Rising Silks Mythic White (free) also a Male version , Tuli Sayuri Tone2 F 9b {R}, Tattoo GoK Aphrodesia, Hair Exile Tyra (ash). Rising Silks @ the Fantasy Faire.

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