Monday, April 19, 2010

Spellbound, RFL Fantasy Faire

Welcome to the 2010 Fantasy Faire!


It would be an understatement to say that Fantasy has been a big part of my RL and Sl. I am a voracious reader of both Sci.Fi and the Fantasy Genres, as well as liking a bit of Gothic/Horror. If I had never stumbled into the Elven Sims and Isle of Wyrms, I doubt I would have stayed long enough to discover all of the imaginative things people do in Sl and I certainly wouldn’t be blogging them.  I am part of Evies team of Bloggers doing our best to cover as much of the fair as possible during the one week long event. What is different about this Fair (as opposed to any of the other fairs I have done I the past) is that the official bloggers have been given a list of different stores to blog in the hopes of a wider coverage than is usual at these things. I have had a look at my Sim Avatopia and a quick glance around the rest and the builds are pretty impressive. I am looking forward to seeing it all, wearing low lag and no scripts. As I a writing this I am also at the Faire, and I just won a prize for being the lowest lagster on the SIM!


This dress is by Spellbound and is one of the RFL Charity items. It also comes with a few parts that I haven’t worn in these pics (red top and  strings on the corset). The dress is available for 400L and can be found here at the Faire. The necklace is part of a set from HoC. This hair BC322 Ogre Hair, I fell in love with when I saw it worn by Arabella Steadham in one of her posts. I can’t conclude without mentioning the wonderful soon-to-be-released skin from Tuli, you know I love black lips!!


Credits: Pics shot @ Dragon Rose Isle. (Combat RPG sim so wear an observer tag or go when its empty..).
Outfit from Spellbound, Clarissa R/B, Hair BC322 Ogre Girl, Jewellery HoD Mercenary part1&2, 295l, Boots PacadiJasha (NLA) (sale) Ankle boots (black), Skin Tuli, Sayuri Tone 1 F 8b release date April 22nd., Poses by Everglow. Weird effects that most won't like ... Sky Monochromes Redflog/HORROR - and Water Eyeballin Windlight (Thanks to Torley).

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