Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pose fair 2010


I have to admit, I was late making my way over to the pose fair. I did go with a purpose though and it was to take a look at the group poses and couple poses with the idea of blogging myself and my two new alts. I made these guys a while ago and have been putting their looks together whenever I get a free moment. I picked up a free AO from over at LAP (which is for under 30 days) and started looking out for deals, and ways of outfitting them on the cheap. The girl avie was easy, what with 50L Friday, sales, group gifties, and other various discount deals (like the Dressing Room) I was soon able to skin and clothe her pretty quickly and within budget. The guy was much more difficult. I guess most male Avies know what I’m talking about. There are few sales, almost no discounts and skins are almost impossible to find under 1000L. I did find a lot of freebies over at MADesign and it’s well worth a visit if you are looking to get a start. The best deal in skins is the group gift from Belleza (at 250L group fee) but I already had that one for my other male alt, and I also had a different kind of look in mind for new guy, something in between aging rocker and messy slacker… The skin I found at LAQ and it has a lot of options in the facial hair dept. Most of the look came from Aitui (yay I’ve been wanting those ear plugs!!) with the boots from Cheerno (a group gift).


In order to make this pose fit I had to do several things; I had to make him shorter and us gals taller. I had to put us all on different viewers (Snowglobe, Emerald, Kirstens). I kept the windows minimized except for the one I was working on. My viewer was on ultra graphics, the others were on low. I was surprised because I had no crashes and the pics all turned out fine. It is important to be on a stable viewer and no 2.0 versions until the bugs get worked out. I had found lots of stuff at the pose fair and still have lots of poses to try out. Poseballs can be edited which allows a lot of leeway with what you end up with and all in all, though the setup was longer, the experience was a lot of fun.


Credits: Poses used in this post were group poses by RC Cluster (Lady killer) & PDA Penny Dreadful Arcade(creatures). Pose fair here (until April 16).

My Look-Skin L.Fauna Lapine (pale2) Mulberry, Shoes Kalnins Orchid {R}, Hair Exile Fae (champagne), Dress Linc (luckInc.) teasedress (baroque), Necklace A&A fashion Extreme (gold) Dressing Room.

His Look-Skin LAQ Defined skin Daniel (fair) 10 pack (1995L), Aitui Type 1 stretched ear Human, Baseball Tee Samurai (grey), Tokyo jeans ultra low rise (dark wash), Hair Mino’s Deceit (black/blond), Boots CheerNo Mona Lisa GroupGift, MADesigns City Exclusive gifts – Promise Eyes Brown Pale, sf Design open leather vest jacket, HUZ Tatts valuepack Kanji. [LAP New Male AO].

Her Look-The Dressing Room-YS&YS Stella Cute skin, Glam Affair Marta dress, Eyes Ibanez (freebie), Duh!-Catena Mosaic Necklace, Deep Red stripe tights, Sneaker boots (black out), Hair Tiny Bird&Reek soon enough (sandy blond). [LAP new female AO]. (Respecting time constraints I did not add all the SLURLS, if you have trouble finding anything send me an IM inworld and I’d be happy to help.)

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