Friday, May 7, 2010

Lionheart Skins

 worn – Lionskins HiDef Legend Decembrice (pout) Bloodless Eyes (gold) Matching Elf ears.

One of the interesting things about skins and skinmakers in SL is that each skinner comes from a slightly different place and has different goals in mind for their skin. This is why we have such a variety and depth to the skins, make-ups and body types. It is also why I like a lot of skins, they give us the ability to create different characters with our avies and match our skins to the types of clothing we wish to wear.

Tones – Legend, Saga, Tale, Fable, Myth, Story. HiDef and backside is regular. in Decembrice (pout). Bloodless Eyes.Matching Elf ears.

I enjoy the style of Aikea Reiko (the Plastik) because she bridges the gap between Grunge, Fantasy, Urban and Roleplay. I traditionally wear lighter to sunkissed tones of skin, but I found myself falling in love with the darker shades of her new Lionheart line. Even if you tend to wear the lightest of skins I urge you to try the demo’s of the darker shades. There is a subtlety to the shades which when added to the tinted Elf ears and glowing eyes, creates an effect which is stunning. And yet I still look like myself.

Story Decembrice in Bare, Freckles, Pout and Shy. Bloodless Eyes (night).

Overall the body is well shaded and natural. My only criticism of the skin is that the breast area could be softer. The face is strong, with emphasis on the eyes. Aikea’s strengths in texturing really shine here with many non-traditional eye make-ups which are outstanding.There are also several options given for each make up, freckles, pout, shy and bare. There is a lighter and stronger Hi-Def version of each tone.


Credits: Lionheart Skins (the Plastik) 24 Make-ups at 999L ea. in 6 tones and including reg and hiDef, and 4 different facial options. Necklace *BOOM* chains of wood, Hair Simply Brittnee Madrid, 2, 3, Dress Linc* (luck Inc.) Open Buttoned Dress (taupe), !Flavour Designs Hair Blossom. (Between shooting to writing there was a loss of colour correctness when this was posted to blogger, not sure what caused it but subtlety was lost.)

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